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Born in Kangirsujuaq, Pilurtuut has now been living in Kuujjuaq, which is the biggest community in Ungava, for the past ten years. She has been interested in art since childhood and made her first drawings when she was nine years old. As a self-taught artist, she uses black pigment ink for her drawings with a touch of color to highlight her creations. She also uses acrylic paint, oil paint, and uses the techniques of glass painting and stencil on canvas. 

«In Inuit legends, many stories are told about animals becoming humans or vice versa. The legends were considered as spirits living on the land and among Inuit. A lot of these stories have different meanings, for example, a nanuq / polar bear becoming human after being chased by humans. He ran away to the beach and spoke like an Inuk and then embarked on a qajak / kayak (sealskin boat). This is something I grew up with, listening to these kinds of stories. I also believed that the legends were real to some extent, for example, in the case of a half fish-half human. Some people would go mussel picking and one day, a woman found a mermaid who was stuck on the land. She had no way of getting back to the water, so she asked the woman to transport her to it using some driftwood and told the lady she would pay her if she helped put her back into the water. The legends live on in our stories up until this generation; it is they that inspired me in my drawings.»

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