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Art Competition

Integrating Inuit artworks into the very built fabric of the CHARS supports and strengthens the narrative of the building’s design and it further reinforces the expression of Inuit culture. Drawings and a sculpture were selected following a competition that solicited Inuit artists from all across the Inuit Nunangat territory (Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut and Inuvialuit). This was a first in the history of the Canadian Inuit art world. The artists were invited to submit works that would illustrate the traditional Inuit knowledge’s contribution to the development of world-class science and technology, showcasing the past and present resourcefulness and inventiveness (Qanuqtuurniq) of the Inuit.

The works speak to the theme: Honouring the timeless creative genius of Inuit. The small scale drawings submitted by the artists were digitally enlarged to the full scale of the building so they could be integrated into the flooring and glazing panels of the various public areas of the Main Research Building. The small scale sculpture was also digitally enlarged to fill the space of the main entrance of the Main Research Building.

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