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For the past nine years, Isabelle Laurier has been involved in the planning and management of projects for EVOQ architecture with Aboriginal communities in Canada. Her mandate has been to oversee art integration of projects in architecture. She recently managed an Inuit Nunangat-wide art competition, a first in Canadian Inuit art history.​​​​​​​

Integrating Inuit artworks into architecture reinforces the expression of Inuit culture. Therefore, self-esteem, sense of wellness, sense of wellbeing and sense of pride become the output of the work. It’s all about sustainable development as a values-driven approach. Protection and promotion of cultural diversity through architecture and art is a responsible and powerful approach.

As curator of the prestigious Inuit art exhibition called "Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, Art, Architecture and Traditional Knowledge”, Isabelle is in charge of introducing this travelling exhibition to the rest of the world. This exciting exhibition of Canadian Inuit artworks has already been presented in twelve different venues, from art gallery to museums and cultural centres. It is particularly well suited to arctic cultural centres or museums.

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