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Médaillon Ning.png

Born in 1963, Ningiukulu Teevee is an almost fully self-taught artist; she is probably the most well-known of Kinngait Studios in Cape Dorset. Her work denotes a clear interest in design, the creation of patterns and the fascinating relation between abstraction and representation. Since her first participation in Cape Dorset’s Annual Print Collection in 2004, she has presented her prints and drawings at many solo exhibitions in various renowned museums and galleries. Her in-depth knowledge of Inuit lore and her commitment to the depiction of contemporary Northern realities make her works some of the most sought after by art collectors. Teevee’s drawings reveal a focused, introspective mind, one that bridges the space between two worlds: the westernized world of the modern Inuit, and the vibrant world of myths and legends that transcend generations. Her decisive, unwavering lines reveal a thorough knowledge of her subjects, while the flattened perspectives speak to an interest in creating more than mere facsimile, unveiling the underlying truths within Inuit legends.

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